Cosmetic Eyewear Applicator

This application claims the benefit for top priority of U.S. Provisional Application No. 62/550,856 registered on Aug. 28, 2017, the disclosure of which is integrated herein by reference point in its entirety. Embodiments described herein generally relate to the field of eye makeup application and more specifically to an eye-makeup applicator. Many women and some men use facial makeup to improve their overall appearances and looks.

Makeup usually will come in various forms and includes powders, mascaras, highlighters, eyeliners, foundation, and lipstick. There are also makeup enhancers, such as, for example, eyebrow and eyelash-enhancing applications. It may take a considerable amount of time to apply makeup daily, shortcuts in a variety of applications are always appealing therefore. One area that takes a little extra time is applying eyeliner throughout the edge of an individual’s eyelid.

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The eyeliner defines the area round the eyes and a means to highlight the attention and contour the look of their eyes. Eyeliner can be used in conjunction with eyeshadow and eyelash enhancers to boost and accentuate eyes. Eyeliner might be applied by means of liquid eyeliner, pencil, or a gel with a vision brush even.

As a result, it would advantageous to have a way to have a long-lasting eyeliner program which may keep going sometimes for a buyer to avoid daily request by eyeliner. FIG. 1 shows an exemplary illustration of any cosmetic eyewear applicator device based on the embodiment of today’s disclosure.

Exemplary embodiments disclosed herein explain a cosmetic eyewear applicator device including a credit card applicatoin sheet, a first adhesive strip and a second adhesive strip. In a few exemplary embodiments, the second and first adhesive pieces are peeled off newspaper strips. In some exemplary embodiments, the self-moisturizing agent in the next adhesive strip is exposed to air whenever a user peels off the next adhesive strip from the application sheet. In some exemplary embodiments, the transferrable pigmented image is a temporary eyeliner tattoo.

In some exemplary embodiments, the transferrable pigmented image is a momentary eyeshadow tattoo. In a few exemplary embodiments, the transferrable pigmented image is a temporary eyebrow tattoo. In a few exemplary embodiments, the application form sheet is a decal. The present disclosure represents a plastic eyewear applicator device. The applicator applies a momentary tattoo of eye makeup to an eye area of a user.

The eye makeup can include eyeliner, eye, and shadow brow shaping. To apply the attention makeup using the eyewear applicator device a user peels off a front-side adhesive strip, places the tattoo in a desired position, and peels off a rear side adhesive strip. The pigmented image published on the application form sheet is a non-permanent eye makeup tattoo. The image might come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. In a very preferred embodiment, the pigmented image can be an eyeliner image. The eyeliner image may include both the higher eyelid and lower eyelid or otherwise the top eyelid or the lower eyelid.

The image is pigmented with a colorant, such as, for example, a dye, ink. The colorant is non-permanent. In another exemplary embodiment, the pigmented image is an eyeshadow image. In another exemplary embodiment, the pigmented image is a vision-brow image. The adhesive strips are peeled from the lime strips and may be made of any suitable material, such as, for example, plastic, paper or cloth.