But What About Hygiene?

It had taken me time to come up with the content for Lipstick Week after Carina (of Softly Sometimes) tagged me. You’d think it might be easy given how much I’m dependent on lipstick, but I did so have to think hard about what to post in the next seven days. I figured it might be helpful to start with the basics, since a great deal of individuals who do drop by this blog appear to truly have a few questions regarding texture, end, and color. Let’s start with the most typical issue: color!

Most lipstick shade guides let you know that you have to pick colors regarding to your skin tone. This is two-prong. Let’s begin with the actual skin tone, often categorized as light, medium, and dark. The most common advice is that light-skinned people can use any color practically, even shiny pinks and cherry reds.

The second option is to go by “undertone”. It has thankfully not led one to try and cut open their hands to check if they have blue or green veins – yet. It really is a helpful guide in a pinch if you’re not sure what shade fits you, but it’s very restricting.

Certainly, people with warm undertones can wear cool shades, and people with cool undertones can get with warmer colors away. It’s not so clear cut all the time, so you shouldn’t immediately discount a shade just because it’s cool and you’re warm. Yes, teeth. I mentioned in this post that the wrong shade can make your tooth look yellow. I’ve yellowish teeth slightly, thanks to many years of caffeine cravings.

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I think few folks have blindingly white teeth in reality. However, if you use a warm color on your lip area, be prepared to see your teeth looking a lot more yellow than usual. The perfect solution is: pick colors with seriously blue undertones. If you’re wary about putting on red, for example, pick a red with blue undertones.Both Ruby Woo and Russian Red are lovely reds with blue undertones. NARS Dragon Girl is another option. Though some individuals do prefer red-oranges, you should always go for blue-reds if your tooth are your main concern.

I’d be the last person to let you know red isn’t appropriate for the office because I really do wear it to the office at all times (well, twice a week at least, because I keep switching lipsticks every day). However, there are some situations wherein you might not want to wear your scarlets. For example, it’s not like red lips are appropriate for a funeral, unless you’re a soap opera villain gloating on the death of your arch-rival.