Vintage Beauty Tip Round Up

I finally installed a Google friend connect container over on the there. If you choose Google friend connect to the blogger “follow” option or an rss feed, please check that out. Readers, I just love vintage makeup. I really only wear makeup in the 1940s style, as the majority of my friends and family can tell you.

It’s easy, requires about five minutes, and looks super cute. Here, let me share today’s makeup look with you via cell phone picture. I call today’s look saucy secretary, though in actuality I am not just a secretary. Enjoy the 1990s computer monitor behind me there. See, I’m so retro. Even at the office. Yes, those are natural beauty marks (evidence), but I still like to highlight them with just a little coal. Makes me feel very Marilyn.

Maybe even dual Marilyn? It’s still funny to me okay! And that means you can imagine how much I love watching tutorials and reading blogs about classic make-up and styling. Before week the blogging world has been blessed with some fabulous articles. Lisa at Snoodlebug offered us a great little background lesson about shows and manicures off her fantastic fingernails. I love vintage manicures, though I admit I hate doing them myself.

So hard to get those little peasants at the bottom right. Fleur at Diary of an antique Girl gave us a fabulous video tutorial about creating that scrumptious 1940s lip. You may remember Fleur as the model from my post about Besame lipcolor. Beauty is a Thing of the Past shared this neat article from 1938. Just, what a pretty hairstyle I considered to myself, I sure wish I had fashioned the patience to create this up.

Maybe I’ll take action similar for the marriage. Or maybe I simply have a stylist take action for me. I love that plan better. Couture Allure told us all about buying vintage stockings. I’m a stocking killer. So that as a wrap up I’m going to tell everyone the first formal piece of my Wedding Ensemble.

  • Today’s Makeup : Half Eyeliner and Violet Lipstick
  • KATE colorcious gemstone eyeshadow (BR-1)
  • Chris Cornell’s “YOU UNDERSTAND My Name” theme from “Casino Royale” (2006)
  • 5th Skincare Secret. UV Protection
  • Retexturize pores and skin, smoothen fine lines and reduce wrinkles with Ginseng Extract

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