Indoor Cycling Studios Put Their Own Spin On THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE

JoyRide Cycling Studio co-founders Amy Hochhauser, Rhodie Lorenz, and Debbie Katz. JoyRide Cycling Studio co-founders Amy Hochhauser, Rhodie Lorenz, and Debbie Katz. Owners of inside bicycling studios may have borrowed the model from SoulCycle Inc., but they don’t compare themselves with cycling’s biggest brand. 100 million IPO filing is evidence the exercise method is here now to stay.

SoulCycle has 38 studios in the U.S., with locations in Greenwich and Westport that opened up before two years. 112 million in revenue last year and said it has plans to expand to 250 studios. 34 each (the prices decrease with the purchase of multiple classes) and merchandise. Kristen Clark, PR coordinator for SoulCycle, said when the company was only available in 2006 the boutique fitness industry didn’t really exist.

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“It’s incredible to see how the industry has changed since then,” Clark said. Now Golnar Sharafsaleh, owner of LifeCycle in Stamford, Amy Hochhauser, co-founder of JoyRide Cycling Studio, with six locations, and Amy Pal, co-owner of JoyRide Wilton and Ridgefield, said they have found success placing their own spin on the popular exercise. They said that, compared with gyms, which often offer cycling classes within broader memberships, their boutique studios offer better exercises and more athletic instructors. Sharafsaleh, a cancer’s survivor who said she used indoor cycling as rehabilitation, said she wanted to open a studio room for a couple of years, but didn’t expect it to be profitable initially.

She opened up a studio in May with 14 RealRyder bikes, which unlike stationary bikes, move side-to-side to simulate outdoor cycling. She said she must fill eight chairs per class during the week to reach your goals and weekends are an additional benefit. Since opening in-may, on a monthly basis and she actually is breaking even her membership has doubled.

199 for a regular move, with a discount for cancer tumor survivors. “A lot of my associates dropped account at gyms,” Sharafsaleh said. There is also room searching for a company dealing with SoulCycle more head-on. Hochhauser, of JoyRide, said she had done Flywheel and SoulCycle classes when she lived in NEW YORK but could not find a class similar to that when she moved to Westport. She and two other Westport residents, Rhodie Lorenz, a popular spin and Pilates instructor, and Debbie Katz, opened a Westport studio room four years ago.

“I have respect to them because these were pioneers in this industry and we’ll always be grateful for them for bringing this model to the urban centers,” Hochhauser said of SoulCycle. Like SoulCycle franchises, her studios have about 40 bikes and provide products. Still, when SoulCycle came to Westport in April, it was said by her did not harm her studio room.