10 Negatives Of THE STYLE Industry

Copy Cat- The world of fashion is so competitive that designers and importers are stealing designs. Some emulate the exact style and sell them for more, some sell them for cheaper plus some sell them for full price but claims the product is the real deal. Even top designers copy the designs of other popular and traditional designs, this leads to nothing fresh and new.

2. Negative Influence- With the big recognition of fashion it gets the power to be important. Many people not only follow the latest trends, but they also believe and emulate the images of stick thin that are projected by the fashion industry. Young women do their best to achieve this image and can lead to dangerous eating disorders.

The fashion industry is sending out the wrong impression that to become beautiful you must be tall and slim. 3. Askew portrayal of women- The Fashion business markets their products through branding and advertising by using hardly developed really thin models. The common women have curves and it is not absolutely all a size zero.

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They are exhibiting inaccurate portrayal of the true women. 20 years ago, a body like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were valued and accepted because of their curves and for how reliable their body image were to women in society. Today, numbers that are 5’10 tall weighing at 100 pounds is definitely the ideal beauty and what real women should appear to be.

The influence the showcasing of the images lead women to feel insecure of their body. Women feel that their body image is not ideal. 4. Stick slim- Although the fashion industry is positive for the reason that it’s the expression of artwork and gives an opportunity to people. The negative is the support of the use of really slim and harmful models. Years before, the average model weighed 8% less than the common woman, today she weighs 23% less.

It seems as if the standard for thinness in the fashion industry is growing in a negative rate. 5. Materialistic/Superficial- Fashion put a lot emphasis on appearance and pressure to have every one of the latest trends and expensive brands, it instructs young people that clothes and materialistic items are the most crucial thing. It transmits the wrong message that to become quite and popular, you’ll want the newest clothes and the latest brands.

This gives off the impression that personality is not a factor in shaping who you are. 6. Sweatshops/Child labor- Sweatshops and child labor have been a pressing concern in the fashion industry. Big fashion companies seek out cheap and less developed countries to employ young children to work for long hours and low wages. These fashion company requires advantage of these young children desperation for the money. Because the majority of these countries don’t have laws to protect children form being exploited they can not work out their wages with these big fashion companies. 7. Fashion defines us?

We let fashion tells us if we are quite or if we are cool enough. The style industry transmits the message that to be beautiful. We let fashion impact what we feel about ourselves. Self-esteem is the major motivator to why consumers purchase these products because we are brain washed that these products will help us be ideal. 8. The snare- Fashion magazines contains more than 60% of ads in their mags, telling us what’s hot and what is not. Their goal is to capture consumers into buying their products by informing them to change their wardrobe, and to change the real way they are doing their make up.