Does your skin layer seems to breakout more after wearing makeup? If so, you may suffer from a disorder known as ‘acne cosmetica’. Acne cosmetica is a mild form of acne that is triggered by the substances within certain cosmetics. Although this problem may appear on any section of the body, it is most on the hairline commonly, the neck of the guitar, face, and head. Overtime, makeup products can build up in the small follicles on your face and result in a blocked pores. Excess oil’s build-up within these skin pores and erupt into a blemish.

Chemical foundations, heavy moisturizers, and solid eyesight creams can cause breakouts on the facial skin. Hair gels, pomades, lotions, and body butters can cause breakouts on the rest of the physical body and scalp. Precisely what is in these products that can irritate your skin so badly? Let’s take a look at some of the most typical makeup ingredients that are causing you to use.

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Lanolin is an oily material that is extracted from lamb’s wool. It works to moisturize your skin wonderfully, but it can clog the skin pores quickly. Many foundations contain ‘acetylated lanolin’, which really is a synthetic lanolin derivative to make their customer’s face feel smooth after applying it. Although it will make the skin smooth, it accumulates within the skin pores and later causes acne-like breakouts also. Sulfates are found in facial cleansers to lead it to foam. They are the same sulfates that make laundry detergent and dish soap to produce lather.

Although cleansers made up of sulfates could make your skin feel squeaky clean, over time a film can be still left by them on your skin layer, clogging pores and leading to breakouts. Many makeup products (including basis) can contain artificial fragrances that help disguise their chemical-like fragrance. Although these added fragrances shall not clog your skin pores, they can cause allergies, causing swelling and a rash-like breakout.

If you are experiencing breakouts that do not contain pustules, and causes your skin layer to feel tough or create a allergy instead, you might not be suffering from clogged pores, but an allergic attack instead. Bismuth oxychloride is a standard ingredient used in a lot of top mineral makeup lines. Bismuth oxychloride is a synthetic pearl that is manufactured by combining bismuth, a by-product of lead and copper with chloride and water. It’s used in cosmetics because it has a unique pearlescent appearance and a fine texture that adhere well to the skin; however, it’s very severe to your skin and can cause rashes and breakouts.

There are various kinds of alcohol used in cosmetics, and all of them can irritate your skin. Cetyl alcoholic beverages can cause a kind of sludge to deposit in the pores, causing pustules to form on your skin. Ethyl alcohol can be used in products geared towards individuals with greasy skin to be able to dry it out; however, it can be too much drying, leading to discomfort and rashes. Although all of these ingredients are generally found in cosmetics, there’s a way to avoid them from causing damage to your skin layer: simply make the switch to using all-natural mineral cosmetics. Makeup products that contain all-natural elements use skin-loving constituents that allow your skin to inhale and exhale and stay clear of breakouts. If you are suffering from acne cosmetica currently, ensure that you use only makeup products and skincare products made from natural ingredients, and your skin will be healthy in no right time.

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