Beauty And Elegance

This year, it’s been a CRAZY ride – occupied and inspiring are the two key terms. This time A very important factor that has really transpired, is my settling into a makeup routine that I fell comfortable and inspired by. Perhaps some of that is due to the Deep Autumn Palette that I’ve been wearing – It just seems to fit so well.

Lets start with my favourite shade, perhaps of ALL TIME which is a ‘huge’ statement via me, considering that my quest throughout this blog has been on finding that perfect, signature cover from the sun. Ahhhh, Mocha, what may I say relating to this cover from the sun – it’s been by my aspect the entire time I am playing around with all the current autumn shades and it still works.

Its bought that beautiful balance between peach-brown and a hint of green! Its a day to day staple for me personally! Finally, to the richer, more dramatic tone, Rum Raisin by Revlon is divine simply. It’s like a ‘day into night’ shade, one that works together with ‘everything’, yet it also appears to pull everything together – maybe since it leans deeper but quite natural/neutral looking still! It’s not a scarlet, or in debt family even, but they have that elegant effect!

So, here is it, my top lipstick picks, this year the shades that have been by my side. I can’t end this post, by also authoring the other makeup that I am wearing – I am sticking to the identical routine and loving the freedom of having ‘signature shades’ that work with everything. I’d love to find out from you – what are a few of your the standby position shades? This year What new things that you discovered? I look forward to blogging A LOT more in the new year! Merry Christmas to all or any of those Celebrating today – Tis the growing season to be MERRY!

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Or – we start hating criticism. DONT EVER MARRY A FAN. Marry a woman who will let you know when you are wrong. Only will your wedding survive then. Arrogance often comes in just how of excellence. Playing non-striker: I became willing to be always a non-striker. I needed to be extremely good at something – I understood I couldn’t be the best batsman. I wanted to be always a great fielder genuinely. I wanted to be always a top-notch fielder. I attempted to compete with the other commentators Initially.

They all asked ‘How much cricket perhaps you have played out? But I dropped my ego and said that what I want to prove is the fact I understand the adventure perfectly – and for that I don’t have to have played a lot of cricket. Besides, easily make my guest visitors on the show more comfortable, they perform better.

So, part of my job is to make Sunil Gavaskar look better.When you have an ego and anger working for you, you don’t need an opponent. I do not produce an ego. Subjugate the self – lose the EGO. I really like what I am doing. I have the best job on the planet. Beyond a certain level, talent or capacity is the most useless virtue to obtain. What counts is attitude? Beyond a point, a natural talent is not useful as it doesn’t solve problems – it breeds an ego. It’s important what you do get back talent. Some people have always used their natural talent to achieve success. So they don’t know how to succeed in case you failed.

Everybody in the very best 10% will have the same natural talent. So what’s your USP? You work ethic and attitude matters for a lot more than your skill very good. Sachin played 55 days in a row – that’s the attitude! Tendulkar’s work ethic, attitude, and enthusiasm produced the 55 hundreds. Talent might open the first door, second door – but not the previous door surely.

When you make a blunder, what’s the first effect? A lot more mistakes you make, the more often you know very well what not to do. Excellence is as much about knowing how to proceed – as about knowing what never to do. When you can be excellent at not knowing what NOT to do, you will know what to do.

Everybody in life is allowed to make mistakes – it’s the second or other mistake that you are not allowed to make. ONCE I entered television, I told myself – I’ll learn everything that is needed to be learnt. You make things happen by yourself. It is a mixture of preparation and recognition. Are you willing to work your backside off when no person is watching? It not only means you are prepared for the means as it pertains – but it also means that you are earlier to spot the chance. Lance Armstrong: I don’t succeed the Tour De France on the last day.