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I went with my supplementary college mates today! The number that will judge me, no matter how lousy I look, no matter how strange I am. It’s really comfortable to go out with them however they rarely have the time to hold out when I’m free, and I rarely have enough time when they are free to.

In case you’re a fresh audience, I didn’t have a good time in my supplementary college. I’m not afraid to say this anymore – I’ve tons of haters from my college. Somehow, they DO have a life, that they spent the majority of their time studying in secondary college.

I’m different, I hate to review. Hanging out with them was difficult at first because I’m not studious at all, but I love the known truth that they concentrate more on studies, than on useless shit like gossiping and judging what other people do. So yes, they may be obviously in good schools and courses now!

Introduction done, now to what we should do today! Like I said, I don’t really care about how I look when I’m with them therefore I dressed down and had no makeup apart from my lens and brows! Went to Seoul Garden for lunch. Their kimchi likes a funny if you ask me you little.

Me, Jiaxin, Jiaxin, Si Xiang. You will need to hear Jiaxin sing! I published it on my socialism. Follow me there too! Thank you for being so nice if you ask me! By enough time you’re reading this, I’M ALREADY IN HONGKONG! I’ll enjoy there, love you guys and please keep coming back everyday cause I planned a few content for you!

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