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There is no additional charge for you by the service provider, so the whole Mint income process is invisible completely and irrelevant to the user even. Pricing Winner: Mint, because it’s hard to beat free! Quicken offers live talk through an application called My Pure Cloud. They do not offer phone support.

They give a FAQ page, Common Help Topics page (under the Learn & Support tab), as well as the Quicken Community, where users come to discuss application-related issues. You can be helped by These pages figure out how to improve your use of the Quicken system. They also offer a Money Management Tips page, with personal finance related topics, including how to save money, how to stop living from paycheck-to-paycheck, teaching your children how to save and spend wisely, and much more.

  • Post Promotion
  • 15 many years of relevant experience with at least 8 years at mature managerial level
  • The costs often go beyond the allocated budget
  • Physical office facilities and other Administrative Support
  • Start out with a good business plan
  • Invest in a tablet if you want to carry an electric portfolio to show customers
  • Your pinch yourself or take a wash your face with cold water

Mint offers customer service through either email or live talk, a week which is available seven days, from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Pacific time. “Mint Help” is also available with a limited variety of topics, generally related to the operation of the platform. Mint doesn’t provide a variety of educational resources that you will get on Quicken, but it’s a completely free app to use. Security Winner: It’s a link. It’s clear both Quicken and Mint value your security. Quicken’s mobile app is designed for iPhone, android, or iPad devices.

It is offered by the App Store and Google Play. The mobile app offers all the top features of the desktop version. You can use your mobile device to snap a picture of your receipts. The application provides alerts and notifications for account changes. Mint Mobile is available for iPhone, iPad, Android cellular devices, and Android tablets.