The Other Half – A Spouse’s View Of Weight Loss Surgery

First, let me tell you a little of my background. ONCE I was growing up I always felt like I used to be chubby. I was a child that wore the “husky” sized pants and had a little pooch of the stomach. I would always (and still do) a tug on my tee shirt once I sat down because I didn’t like this it could hug my midsection, highlighting the pooch. I was self-conscious about my size even though always, looking back, I wasn’t that big.

I never got made fun of to be the fat kid, in fact I had been pretty much liked in grade college. When she first told me that she was planning on having weight loss surgery (WLS) I was not exactly thrilled with your choice. My first issue was that surgery of any type can be dangerous.

What if she discovers somebody that can go zip-lining in Costa Rica, which I can’t do because those all have weight limitations, and decides he could be the real love of her life? Imagine if she looks at me in support of sees her previous miserable personal from her old fat’s life and she chooses she can’t be connected compared to that old life anymore? In other words, WLS changes her relationship to food, will she be changed by it romantic relationship if you ask me too? The answer is: yes.

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Guys, if you’re reading this hoping against wish that your significant other’s surgery won’t change things between you, I’m sorry then. Things are going to be different, and if your position is similar to mine, it’s going to be hard. You are going to feel left out: Last year we could speak about how interesting life could be if we were slim, how we may go hiking, or white-water rafting, or roller-coaster using.

Your romantic relationship with food changes: If you are the chef in your house, you shall have to cook for a WLS patient. If you are not the chef, then the menu just changed. Unless you each cook for yourselves, you’re not going to be eating the same dinners you are accustomed to.

You are going to feel unwanted fat: Seeing someone that is fit is a hardcore reminder that you will be fat. Have you ever sat next to a thin person on an aircraft? That each day Now imagine, but on your couch at home. You will feel like a failure: Unless you are one particular people with a brilliant metabolism, you will lose weight slowly. You will lose a few pounds in per month while your SO sheds pounds weekly. This is going to cause you to feel like a failure, even though you know, per week you understand you do fine with your 1-2 pounds.

You lose perspective on normal weight-loss and it creates it hard to commemorate your 1-pound victory whenever your spouse just celebrated 5 pounds. You’ll get sick of discussing food: This one might be more unique if you ask me, I’m not really sure. Inside our house, food, and exercise are a few of the only topics we discuss. My wife is absolutely obsessed with them (she’s a website and a Facebook group and everything!).

They are her favorite subject matter. They aren’t, however, the best subject. I like to discuss school and cars and rockets and space and science. They are not her favorite subjects. I already feel like I’m pushing her towards divorce when you are excess fat, so I talk about exercise and food.