Posting BENEATH THE Twitter Handle @fatinamxo

A new lawsuit filed in Chicago last week alleges that beauty large Ulta has been repackaging and reselling used makeup to its unsuspecting customers for years. Zimmerman symbolizes Meghan Devries, a Chicago woman who works in the wonder industry. She became suspicious about a few of the products she purchased from Ulta.

Posting under the Twitter handle @fatinamxo, she published that whenever a product was coming back by a person, employees were instructed by Ulta repackage or reseal that and put it back again on the shelf on the market. This practice, she said, included everything from makeup to hair and skin-care products, fragrances, and hair styling tools.

She then distributed screenshots of other Ulta employees making the same claims. Those tweets were cited in the class action problem (pdf) Zimmerman submitted in Cook County, Ill., last week. The suit also cites the claims of former employees that Ulta has a limit about how many returned items can be disposed of. He said that some of the products purchased from an Ulta store on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago seemed to have been previously used, including eye shadows missing a brush and face cleansers that were already opened up. Those products, he said, could have pathogens in it that stay for weeks.

Klebsiella bacteria, which is often within the intestine and expelled with fecal matter,” Zimmerman said. Ulta denies the allegations. Our policy does not permit the resale of used products. We know about the lawsuit and plan to vigorously reduce the chances of the allegations. The health and safety of Ulta Beauty guests are a high priority and we strive to consistently deliver an optimal experience each time they shop with us. We have an obvious policy of not reselling products that are found in any real way.

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