Wish Granting Cow Feng Shui Symbol ONCE AND FOR ALL Wealth And Good Luck

Wish Granting Cow Symbol in Feng Shui is symbolic of good descendant’s good fortune, desires fulfilled and fortune to households. The wish fulfilling cow often found sitting on the bed of coins or ingots signifying that the near-future generations will be prosperous as well. This mark is an emblem of fertility also, good harvest, rewards for effort, giver of the very most nourishing milk on the planet.

In India, Nepal and China the cow is recognized as a holy animal and holds a particular significance in the hearts of individuals. The wish granting cow kept on the table in Office is said to enhance fortune and fulfillment of goals. In the home it can be displayed in the Southeast sector of the house, which is associated with wealth. You can even hang a painting of the cow in this sector for wealth luck.

The Wish Fulfilling Cow is thought to bring good tidings and assist in hard times. However, this Feng Shui Symbol should only be utilized by people who do not eat meat. Apart, from being a Symbol for Good Prosperity and Luck the Wish granting Cow is a good gift item. Why Hindus Worship Cow? No Way. Does It Matter What Direction Your Toilet Encounters Really? Submit a Comment You Must REGISTER To CommentTo touch upon this post, you must sign in or subscribe and post utilizing a HubPages Network account.

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