Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 2/3/13

Inc. recently ran an interesting article about the iconic bands that transformed the business of music. Yes, each of them influenced music to a great degree, but most overlook their moneymaking skills and how their actions improved the complete lot for all that came afterwards. Major change: Zeppelin shifted the total amount of power from the concert promoter to the act. They were the first ones to discuss a deal to take 90% of the gate. Major change: The Stones were the first major group to pay for their own recordings, then rent the master to the record label. This allowed these to retain ownership of their copyrights for future licensing deals.

Major change 2: Their lip area and tongue logo became a classic brand identifier. Major change: Kiss required products and licensing to a new level, licensing over 3 eventually,000 product categories. That is a common strategy for performers today, but it was KISS who noticed the value in licensing before everyone else.

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That’s what functions are doing today, only online. Major change 2: The Dead were public way before cultural media, selling concert tickets straight, creating an engaged fan club, and selling and promoting special products and fan-generated materials through the fan membership. Major change: You do not think of Journey to be at the forefront of any business dealings, but they were the first major act to get a tour sponsorship deal (with Budweiser). Major change 2: Journey was also the first to take action to own their own touring infrastructure, owning their own audio system, staging, and transportation.

Major change 3: Even though the Stones led the way by being the first ever to lease their experts to the record label, Journey had taken it a step further by giving the artwork and marketing material as well. Major change: Moby was the first artist to understand the tremendous potential of media licensing.

When his Play recording first arrived it did nothing at all on the charts and was ignored by radio. That was before he certified every tune on the recording for commercials, television, and movies, then your record blew up. The next time you hear the music of these artists, give a little considered to the behind the scenes influence they’ve had on the new ways of revenue generation they helped create. Help support this website. Any purchases made through our Amazon links help support this website with no cost to you. Thinking about the Music 3.0 archives? Buy The Music 3.0 Guide To SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. The best of over 800 articles.

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