Great News! (Not Political)

Over the years, I’ve known many family members with autistic users. Today and I though it was a nice tale worthy of posting I saw this on the news. St. Joseph’s campus is nearby to my work’s campus. Associates from here spend a great deal of volunteer hours assisting out there and we frequently have supply drives to aid their good work.

8 million project to provide a home to its Sarah Dooley Center for Autism. The nonprofit plans to refurbish and repurpose its Dooley School building for the autism center, a year with a target of completion prior to the 2020-21 school. 25 million improvements and upgrade campaign for St. Joseph’s Villa. Your time and effort are naming RiseUP and will include infrastructure repairs and upgrades, technology improvements, and a fitness park.

19 million has been committed to RiseUP. The Sarah Dooley Center will offer to 96 students on campus. Its amenities will include a space for independent living skills instruction, an area set for maintaining the medical needs of students aside, a sensory library and an observation area. Its autism-specific classrooms can be models for public schools; resources that may be duplicated without having to draw on outdoors resources, relating to St. Joseph’s.

The center will offer public workout sessions. Adam Dreyfus, Sarah Dooley Center director. St. Joseph’s Villa is the longest-operating children’s nonprofit in the United States continuously. We were founded in 1834 by the Daughters of Charity, a religious order of women called to care for Richmond’s orphaned and impoverished children. We’ve not closed for an individual minute since then.

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The Daughters of Charity attained Rockett’s Landing by steamboat to found St. Joseph’s Academy and Orphan Asylum at Fourth and Marshall Streets. St. Joseph’s continued to be open through the Civil War, consuming more children and building hospitals to look after soldiers on both relative sides. In 1898, a bequest by former Union doctor Daniel Hopkins Gregg supported the purchase of Hollybrook Farm north of the town to provide the orphans with a summer haven, fresh food, and air.

3 million. The Italianate architecture and home-like setting motivated a name change to St. Joseph’s Villa. Even while the Villa resided through wars, financial recessions and dramatic public changes, our mission continued to be steadfast as has our belief in those we serve. Each day we live out the Villa’s founding purpose: to change the lives of all marginalized and underserved members of our community.