Natural Makeup: METHODS FOR AN ALL NATURAL No-Makeup Makeup Look

Barely-there, natural makeup is a glance countless celebrities have been putting on lately. However the au-natural, I’m-just-genetically-blessed, no makeup-makeup look will take more work than you think. And if you’ve followed numerous lessons and still can’t have the ability to nail a gorgeous glowy bottom, Becca’s Global Makeup Ambassador Nikki Wolff, may have the answer. To conceal or recover?

This glorious invention will instantly warm your complexion and make dark circles and blemishes way less obvious before you have even to pick up a makeup brush. Wash your face using a gentle flannel and soap. Don’t use an exfoliant as it will draw out the redness in your complexion. A soft facial cleanser such as Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser (£15) is effective to softly buff your skin clean.

= $ =p>The beauty launches you will need about. 2. Do this even though you have oily skin. Sisley’s Moisturiser with Cucumber (£104) is a brilliant lightweight day cream which absorbs straightaway, making it perfect for priming the face. When you have clear skin, use a tinted moisturiser to warm-up the complexion. We love Estee Lauder’s DayWear (£43) as it adapts to your natural pores and skin colour when you apply it – the microbeads are seriously magic.

If, however, you prefer more coverage, apply basis but only to the places you feel are problematic or over pigmented. Lancome’s Teint Miracle (£29.50) will provide excellent coverage without the cakey finish off. Whichever you use, remember to be sparse and blend, blend, blend. Taking a small brush, we like Mac’s fibers flat brush quantity 195 (£19), apply concealer sparingly to trouble spots, this technique is called micro concealing. For dark circles, swipe the clean under your eye, then pat with a finger to blend.

If you suffer from shine, use a large powder and brush that matches your skin tone to dust all over. Try bareMinerals Mineral Veil finishing powder (£21) that will absorb any excess oil. Usually do not use a bronzer, this look is focused on making the the majority of your natural colouring. Beauty at its best!

Pick out a cream blush that is soft in colour and as close to your natural ‘blush’ as you possibly can. Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream blushes (£7.99) offer a great selection of natural colours that are easy to blend. Apply your chosen product to the apples of your cheeks, exactly where you’ll flush normally, and mix until you employ a subtle color.

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Add a small amount of the cream blush to your lips to enhance their natural pigment. It’s essential never to have a solid line, if you have very light brows or areas, blend a colour sparingly to give a little shape. Heavy eyebrows are one of the primary giveaways of the look if done wrong. Bobbi Brown’s Light Brow Kit (£35), with its dual shadow, will allow you to apply as much or less than you need. The easy way to obtain a natural looking lip colour (without putting on any lipstick in any way) is via exfoliation.

Using a gentle scrub, like the ones from Lush (or if you are not a enthusiast of granules, try the Wonder Drops from Fresh, which will it mechanically) to remove dead skin cells and increase blood-flow. Follow with your favorite lip balm as well as your pout will be looking pristine, with a natural, healthy flush.