1-Month WoW Token Challenge Results (1.2 Million Gold, 62 Hours, 9 WoW Tokens)

I’ve lurked for a bit, which is my first-time publishing here. So, hopefully someone finds this as helpful as I have found many other posts. I am Qyune, plus some of you might know me from my 12-Class All-The-Things Challenge, where we are trying to gather everything in the overall game.

However, the month of July for, August, and in the years ahead, we are including new gold-earning based difficulties also. I am writing this as summary of my first 1-month long gold farming challenge and how I made enough gold to buy 9 – 10 WoW Tokens of the course of that time. The idea process is to simulate a person coming back to play Classic and wish to (or can only) pay with WoW Tokens.

  • Deposit with a hedge or mutual funds- 10%+ increases each year
  • 1 20% Corporation Tax rate
  • What do you buy and sell
  • Identify some important dangers
  • 3 Surcharge of 7.5 % on domestic companies reduced to 5 per cent
  • 4 Other Costs Analysis of Adjustable Bar Table
  • Money market securities UITFs. These are low risk, high liquidity investments

Now, the main thing to realize before getting into the results of the challenge is that we now have ALWAYS assumptions to consider. And these assumptions will play a key role in this guide in both advice given and the experience distributed. The 110 character. The player has purchased BfA and, therefore, has a 110 character increase to use.

This will obviously not be the case for many coming back Classic players, but this will be a concern I am addressing in the next challenge (in August). The realm. Realms can be categorized in many different ways such as hi-pop, low-pop, RP, Normal, strong overall economy, weak overall economy, raid orientated, PvP orientated, and etc. However, of the day by the end, each world is uniquely different.

So, the results of my exact activity on a different realm may generate pretty much gold with respect to the server. The right time limit. Since this is my first challenge of the nature, I wanted to start with a time load that was feasible for me and what I felt would yield successful results. However, the reality of the matter, per day is that many people can only afford 15 minutes. Others may only have the ability to afford 30, 45, 60 etc and minutes. The true point is that that my selection for 2 hours was an arbitrary starting point. The knowledge. So, one of the things I governed was my ‘farming’ time.

Meaning, I didn’t depend the list / Auction House time. Everyone has different levels of experience, speed, and addons as it pertains to listing items on the Auction House, therefore i didn’t want to muddy the water with that time. The travel. I ended up earning flying on my main during the problem, so that allowed me to go a little faster.

Now, the million gold question would be, “By how much will flying make a difference? Will that be the case on each world always, regardless of character class variations at different times of the day with warmode on or off? The timing. So, if another person does the same actions I did in my farm per month from now, there results may differ. Timing / Luck isn’t everything, but it isn’t nothing at all either. Things such as a fresh raid, new patch, new ‘Raiding with Leashes’ accomplishment, Classic launching, and other things really can impact how effective a person can be at making silver.

So, now that we have a small amount of a base for our first problem, on July 1st 2019 let’s start. The first thing we did, was run LFR and Normal MoP raids. This immediately provided us some liquid gold and a few pets to toss on the Auction House for all of those other month. If I was a new player who flipped goods, then this might potentially enable an entry-level foothold into the economy.

And these works only take about 1-2 hours per week depending on hearthstone location, character level / power / spec, and whether or not a new player has soaring. Once, we’d some yellow metal on us plus some pets on the Auction House, then it was about determining what sells on this server! I think if there is a golden paragraph or two of information, these next few will be after that it!