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How can you have both? Okay, rightwinger so we agree with the fact no slave labor. 15 minimum wages for everything. What are businesses going to do that can’t afford that. Ask students to volunteer free of charge as part of internships? MORE workload on FEWER visitors to afford paying 15/hour? 15 they couldn’t develop their business.

You are discussing two mutually exclusive issues. 7.25 income hasn’t been increased in a decade. You have pity for the indigent businesses spending more, but haven’t any sympathy for students working minimum amount wage who’ve to replace decade low income with increased borrowing. Maybe, the kid taking the 7. 50 dollars one-hour job is the one who still lives at home, does not have any expenses and its own his first job. No, I think Emily is right quite. A lot of these financial issues are like a religion to the left.

When proponents of legacy posting pass on misinformation that I found to be dangerous, I asked. Now, in 2015, self-pubbing has shed a lot of its negative stigma and has become de rigeur for many authors, when I started with Amazon it was risky. I had been committing career suicide, ensuring no legacy publisher would ever offer me a deal again (and none have, even though I’ve sold a million books by myself). So much has changed in six years.

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And it’ll continue steadily to change, for the betterment of authors everywhere. But the phrase needs to be spread. I’m relating all this to provide the newbie reader a sense of how much has changed. In early 2009 I had been 100% for legacy publishing, and 100% against self-pubbing.

When the Kindle began to gain traction, I continued to be a skeptic until I noticed the potential with my own career. The more I shouted (and by this point I wasn’t the only one shouting) the more the mainstream press had to begin paying attention. We weren’t preaching to the self-pub transformed; we were preaching to the people who had been entrenched in legacythought and legacyspeak to conserve their souls from eternal damnation. But the desire to help and educate and–when fisk and needed–debate, remained strong.

This led to my getting the opportunity to issue the former president of the Authors Guild, whom I am critical of for quite a while. Those that read this blog regularly know I haven’t done any public appearances before few years. This issue lured me out of my self-imposed seclusion, though I understood we were heading to reduce even. I said so when IQ2 made a connection with me first, repeated it when I spoke with my debate partner for the first time, and said it to all of my close friends. I wasn’t in this to win. I had been in this to show I was right. If the voters agreed beside me or not didn’t matter.

What mattered was creating a public controversy that could inform writers who haven’t heard the message yet. Another thing mattered if you ask me, something that audiences at home probably weren’t privy to. We greeted some of the audience during the pre-debate walk-through, and there were about thirty students there on a field trip. I sat and talked with them, before and after, and it drove home the idea that I wasn’t there to be a soulless PowerPoint presentation.

I had instructors like that in school and hated them. The ones I liked were the ones who made an attempt to keep me awake. Presenting and public speaking are not a monologue within a vacant room. It’s a dialog with an audience where you do most of the speaking. I’ve always thought an essential part of this give and take is to be amusing when possible.