F45 Training Franchise For Sale

Quick Franchise SummaryF45 is the training system changing lives around the globe. Born in Australia, this phenomenal system is dispersing internationally like wildfire. F45 is a group training studio that challenges its members with a different interval training workout everyday. Experience different training styles, exercises & timing to accomplish incredible results. F45 Training is currently the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world.

What began in Australia in 2013 with a single studio has now exploded all over the world with over 950 franchises in 22 different countries worldwide. F45 Training is nothing lacking a worldwide FITNESS PHENOMENON! F45 Training has created a finely tuned, powerhouse system with a number of fun, functional, and efficient workouts.

The concept is simple: our studios across the world offer a 45-minute High-Intensity, INTERVAL TRAINING workout course for our studio room members. We’ve developed 24 different 45-minute workout routines Our studios provide the same course at different times during the day. Everyday throughout the week is a different 45-minute workout.

The workouts are manufactured by F45 Training Headquarters from a database of over 3,000 different exercises, so our people never get the same workout double! The delivery of our workouts is fueled by the robust technology systems that people have in place in every one of our studios. A series of TVs mounted on the front wall of our studios offer an organized, station-by- train-station diagram for every daily workout.

This system is a visible tool for our clients to usher themselves from exercise place to station through the workout, all with the motivation and assistance of our F45 Training Teachers. As an ongoing company, our rapid global growth has been fueled by our effective workouts coupled with our enticing and success-proven business model. We offer a “turn-key” system where following low initial franchise investment, all the equipment, apparatus, technology, and other materials necessary to operate an F45 Training studio room will be delivered right to your approved franchise location.

  • Waterproof: Yes, up to 50m water-resistant
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Don’t use sugar; you may use glucose substitutes
  • Undiagnosed Underlying Health Issues
  • Exercising more (5-10% reduction)
  • Evidence of payment of street tax up-to-date

We have a vast international franchise support system and an enormous online support forum all in spot to help our studios open up and operate efficiently. F45 Training provides an appealing business investment with low-cost admittance points, high income, and a huge network of operational support from F45 Training Headquarters.

We try to provide our studio members with a premium fitness service and our franchisees with a business model that supports the ongoing development and growth. F45 Training is looking towards the future. You will find reasons we’re the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world: creative excellence inside our workout development and technology, operational mastery in every of our studios, and a large number of satisfied members and owners around the world.

INNOVATION. MOTIVATION. RESULTS. Welcome to the future of fitness. Contact us now for more information about how F45 Training is changing the fitness industry. Basket Maximum ReachedYou reaches the maximum of 20 selections. This site is designed for and geared to U.S. laws and regulations. By continuing to use this site you consent to the conditions of our online privacy policy.

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