WHAT’S Deflation?

Everyone is wondering, What’s Deflation? Are we going to have deflation or inflation? President Obama’s rhetoric and actions bashing business continues even when the statistics show the deflation economy getting worse at every turn. The 9.6 unemployment rate does not include those that quit looking, went to school back, moved back in with father and mother or started a full life of crime or prostitution. It sure will not are the businesses which have gone belly up and ordinary people who are seeing our income from sales and commissions drop. President Obama’s activities are, “bad to the bone,” for boosting business. It is when people only get more uncertain and uncertain and prices start falling.

Like the real estate crash. This freeze up in hiring, business lending and extension will lead to more trouble in the deflation economy. Yr 2000 with the dot com stock climax THE HIGHER Major depression actually were only available in. 1,350 per ounce, according to Robert Prechter, President of Elliot Wave International investment services.

Our report on: What’s deflation? Is supported by some recent statistics. One in seven Americans are considered under the poverty level. That’s 14% of the populace or 44 million people. Real estate foreclosures increased 25% in July of 2010 to 95,304, the highest quantity on record. 1.5 trillion in the next quarter of 2010 based on the Federal Reserve.

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65.8 trillion. Finally, 41 million people are on food stamps now. That’s up 45 percent since 2008 when President Obama took office. Helping the overall economy get top heavy and crash was the migration of many former union workers onto the government payroll. Government employee hiring has increased 10% under the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. They understood the federal government would not walk out business so they joined up with the bandwagon. Some 22.5 million Americans are used in federal government careers now. It is like a huge parasite is sucking all the energy from the economy.

Ever since Franklin Delano Roosevelt began the socialistic “New Deal,” government is continuing to grow larger and bigger. If we are a decade into the Greater Depression as Robert Prechter and I contend, this bloated federal government framework shall make the depression worse. Free enterprise and lower taxes letting business have the wherewithal to employ and expand is the only solution. Nikolai Kondratiev, 1892-1938, found out that capitalistic countries go through a long influx cycle of 60 to 80 years. A cycle similar to the phases of nature with springtime (inflation), summertime (stagflation), fall months (deflation or disinflation) and finally winter (unhappiness).

He paid his life for the breakthrough as Joseph Stalin acquired poor Kondratiev performed by firing squad in 1938. We are in the center of the closing Kondratiev winter. A stage that started in yr 2000 according to Robert Prechter. Year chart of the NASDQ currency markets Just look at a 10, TII or QQQQ, a fund ETF of 75 major companies.

The graph shows that there is only a keep market rally. These indexes got back to the 2000 level never. The QQQQ only composed 50% and the TII only made back 61.8% (both fibonacci numbers, by the way). Fibonacci numbers and ratio are important to Robert Prechter’s Elliott Wave Principle studies. The DOW and the S&P 500 do make new highs in the years since the 2000 top; however they are fudged by dropping the weak companies and adding stronger ones to these indexes.