WHAT IS TRUTH: 04/01/2019

When I say RAM, I’m not discussing random-access memory space, but about what is called Religious Affections Ministries, which is Scott Aniol essentially, with some help from a few like-minded men he has recruited to assist with blogs. Scott has written at least two books on the subject of worship, and one of these is necessary reading in a course I have taught. Recently online a RAM truckload of criticism has been dumped on RAM (up to now here and here), which RAM has replied (up to now here and here). The Lord created us for (Rev 4:11; Is 43:6-7) and then saved us for worship (John 4:23-24). If we’re not actually worshiping, then we’re lacking the point.

Most do miss that time today. Memory has among the better-written arguments for conventional or traditional corporate worship. The RAM guys are good on this (recently the writings of David De Bruyn). You’ll do well to learn much of what they write. What I have written here about RAM is almost exclusively the good that you’ll escape it.

That will be a lot of good, as I see it, since it can help you get your mind screwed on direct about worship. What you can also find, if they’re read by you, is they are extremely civil, much so for me too. They have become, very nice about it. They likely have confidence in being this way, however they also know who they’re coping with.

People are actually really not heading to like what they state in the surroundings where we live. What There is in the short time RAM has existed is that people generally don’t connect to them about their viewpoint. Maybe they read them silently without comment, but it seems like Scott Ram memory and Aniol get overlooked by most.

People don’t caution and it doesn’t matter. They are viewed in an exceedingly marginal way by most. Now they are getting attacked and they are getting more attention because of this also, which I overall believe is good. I’m usually a large defender of RAM, almost everywhere, despite their zero defense of me, because I believe in what they are writing. They are getting attacked for something I believe is right and appropriate usually, so I have defended them and can continue to achieve this likely.

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  • Changing chairs

I haven’t read one good argument against what they say. None. Those opposing their perspective spiritually are, intellectually, biblically, and every other possible good way inferior to what they say. As you read what I’m about to say bad about RAM, you might question how I could be in such contract with them and yet think there is certainly a lot bad. I’ll write more bad about them than good, and I’m doing so for a hopeful future for the RAM people.

RAM and I’ve an extremely similar view of corporate and business worship, the worship of a church, but they look askance at me generally, because I take advantage of the King James Version and I’m not just a Calvinist. I also criticize individuals who Scott prefers sometimes. I don’t criticize because I don’t like them, but because I do.