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What a tough 48 hours it has been. Market has finally shown some volatility and given traders the chance to benefit from them. As I’ve thought to a lot of you I haven’t traded for over 2 weeks until yesterday. Mon NYSE time Phrase arrived a hedge fund got a margin call following the close. Obviously they got liquidated and the market ran down hard, which was the time to buy. It’s difficult to relay news out to you all when the market does trade like this.

There was some great bargains yesterday in several markets, people that have their powder dry will do well. Even though many are focusing on the blue-chip stock, I’m more looking at the plays that I hold and how to accumulate far more, cheaply. With WANCHAIN the company has skipped the opportunity to list under favorable astrological aspects and you will be a flop list which I’m looking forward to.

Doesn’t mean it’ll fail just suggest if you want to buy them cheap, give it a couple of hours, and feel the market before purchasing the cash on the exchanges. But you shall have to trade in and out of it instead of buying and holding. More on that later.

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While there is certainly some good stories of companies doing things it’s important to note that the execution is everything, not you want to and we are going to.It’s because of this a lot of the companies that I’ve done astrology for aren’t up to scuff to recommend so that you can look at them. I am realizing a great deal of professionals with great information accumulating to the very best jobs.

Now they have these top careers the killer instinct that they had has just vanished and look for scapegoats in the event things go wrong.Looked at it for a litigant when the stock was in the 85-90cents area, great people running the show with great potential yet execution lacking. FArm Pride is another stock which easily start I won’t stop ranting about .. So it important when coming up with an investment to check out the broader picture. If you’re just trading for a 5-10-cent gain that is clearly a different game completely.

Another comfort is, I finally graduated from the in your free-time degree course that I was taking. This freed up a great deal of my time for me to do other things such as conference friends and writing more. I also took additional time to reply the emails from you men. I simply checked and realized I’ve received more than a thousand emails so far.