I was first launched to the hCG protocol at a medical symposium 5 years ago. After listening to a brief seminar concerning the protocol (which didn’t provide any information that I couldn’t find myself in Dr. Simmons’ manuscript), I determined to do the hCG protocol myself. After having an unimaginable expertise, I’ve been prescribing for others, ever since. I’ve read nearly each hCG protocol the book accessible. All of them clarify the hCG protocol in the same manner: repeating Dr. Simmons’ theories of three forms of fat, “unlocking” the hypothalamus, and many others. As a physician, I’ve at all times identified this clarification was inadequate, but no different explanation exists.

Because of my own success and the success of my patients, I continued to prescribe− convinced Dr. Simmons’ theories have to be correct. When Robin Woodall asked me to read and evaluate her manuscript of Weight-Loss Apocalypse, I actually didn’t wish to be bothered to learn another hCG protocol guide. I figured there couldn’t be anything in the guide that I didn’t already know.

But because of the sub-title (Emotional Eating Rehab Through the HCG Protocol) I was intrigued to read what Robin was presenting. The largest difficulty with patients is emotional eating, and even though the protocol gives an undeniable weight loss opportunity, folks cheat all the time. If this manuscript was giving suggestions for methods to deal with this, it would be worth my time to learn and assessment. I accepted the manuscript and committed to studying it and giving Robin my sincere assessment.

  • Meat and dairy products
  • Research every thing about your surgical procedure (here is an incredible begin)
  • J Nutr Health Aging. 2011 Jan;15(1):25-31
  • Customizable display, similar to clock, coronary heart price and steps
  • Eat your last meal of the day at the very least 2 hours earlier than bedtime and avoid late-night snacking
  • The 20 complete-grain sources to gasoline your fat loss program (p9)
  • You’re multi-tasking

I was not prepared for and could not have imagined, what I used to be about to learn. As Robin defined the science of starvation, starvation, power homeostasis, and the connection between low-dose hCG and leptin, my pleasure grew. The manuscript not only gave a credible scientific speculation that explained why hCG prevents starvation, nevertheless it also provided a nice perception that may hold accountable the battle patients have with emotional eating. I was floored by the intelligence, integrity, and passion Robin put into her e-book.

I’ve read the medical references used to create the speculation and I’ve additionally learn her manuscript another 5 occasions. Now that the guide is published, each patient that goes by way of our program gets a copy of Weight-Loss Apocalypse and we’ve added the Mind: Body Method to our program. Cheating happens less typically, patients don’t complain about the weight anymore, and the brand-new strategy has been described as a “life-altering” expertise.

We continue to receive emails and messages from patients, thanking us for giving them Robin’s e book, expressing how much it has helped them and has completely changed the way they eat. For sure, reading Robin’s manuscript was the most effective decisions I’ve ever made. “I’ve been prescribing hCG for weight loss for over 4 years, and nothing I’ve read comes close to having this stage of expertise.