My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

I am disappointed in myself. Through the month of August I posted an increase. I’m not happy at all with that. I thought the food substitutes were just the thing. They are Maybe. I’m not quitting just yet. August 12 Since, I’ve lost 2 pounds exactly. As I noted last time, I am yo-yoing since. I had a big birthday and indulged. Thursday is 65MD’s birthday and a week from Wednesday is our anniversary. I’ll not use those events as a justification to consume badly.

I have got to get with this program and stay with it for this to work. Which means, I’ve surely got to make some changes. The changes besides sticking to the program include changes in the manner I blog. I’ve found out that, when I’m not successful, I avoid blogging. When I really do blog, I don’t mention the bad parts. It really is in my character not to focus on the bad elements of life, so it isn’t a conscious decision to be deceitful. Still, I’ve not decorated a clear picture of my struggles in weight loss lately. Beginning now, I’ve a fresh ticker. It will measure my weight loss with the food substitutes.

I started it at 201.2 and has my current weight of 199.2 listed. I put the goal weight on this as 165 since that is exactly what my doctor suggested primarily. I am leaving the ‘old’ ticker up since I want to see my progress from the beginning to my ultimate goal.

I don’t want to neglect how far I’ve come, but I can’t stop there. I’ll each week revise both tickers. I shall blog about the whole picture. It might get boring. It may get ugly. It might not make sense to anyone but me. This is my blog, and I’ll do what works for me. Thanks for joining me and helping me on this roller-coaster ride!

30 billion in revenue. The annual development between from 2011 through 2016 was likely to stay at 2.2 percent. As the number of seniors Americans boosts, there is likely to be a higher demand for physical treatment credited to falls, surgeries, and injuries, which become more normal with age.

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  • Water- 2 cups
  • Re-vamp my daily plan with planned exercise intervals (done)
  • Maria Baeza Diaz
  • Foster client’s/family’s insight into treatment plan

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