Event Processing Thinking: 12/9/07

Uncertainty that an event happened due insufficient credible source, or inaccuracy in the source reporting (e.g. has the sensor really recognized an object, or there has been some power failing in the process). Uncertainty about the timing of an event (sometimes occurred during last night, but we don’t know when). Events that are inherently probabilistic (e.g. future/predicted occasions). Uncertainty if the pattern recognition is an adequate condition to recognize the problem, or it is only an approximation (which really is a major source for “false positives” and “false negatives”). Uncertainty about the meaning of the “partial satisfaction” of the pattern, e.g. the design consists of a conjunction of four occasions, what goes on if three out of the four occur?

Uncertainty that is powered by one of the uncertainties related to the source (e.g. uncertainty in the timing of the event incident may inflict uncertainty in a temporal-oriented design). Processing of probabilistic occasions. There’s also uncertainties associated with the event consumer – but there are for the present time outside the range of this conversation.

They do not all have to be field travels! As a matter of fact, unless you have a big car with a lot of seat belts, you may not be able to take field trips at all! I really do recommend field outings when you can get help transporting the young kids.

Another concern for field travels is lunch time and snacks. You will either need to pack a lunch for every child as well as some snacks, or you shall have to ask parents to send money for lunchtime. Likely to eat can be fun but challenging out. Ordering for seven or eight kids is a chore.

Also, some parents might not have the extra money for meals. You will need to get permission slips for each child for the trip and you will need to bring along emergency contact information as well. You’ll also need to bring along sunscreen and drinking water bottles for everybody probably. Besides field trips, there are a great number of other fun activities to do at your home.

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You can plan special art activities, cooking activities, theme times, party times, treasure hunts, game days, etc. As I said, planning about 3 activities a week should be enough. For craft activities, come up with crafts that the youngsters won’t think of independently. Be sure you have the right supplies!

Consider painting stones for pets, making God’s Eyes, building bird houses, building a maze, or other fun activities. For cooking activities, you will want to choose meals that allows all the small children to become involved. Consider allowing the youngsters to help you create lunch. They can plan the menu and assist with the preparation and cooking.

Invest in a good children’s cookbook to give you more ideas. Theme times are excellent fun. Select a theme for your day such as sports day or beach day and plan activities around those themes. For sports day make some fun relays and ball games. Encourage good sportsmanship in every you do.

For beach day fill up a little wading pool. Construct beach bath towels, beach balls, a day in sunlight and surf and drinking water playthings and enjoy. For party days, find reasons to celebrate! Do any of the children you care for have birthdays during the summertime? Plan a birthday party!

You can have a 4th of July bash! Go through the calendar and discover obscure times to commemorate! Treasure hunts are great fun! Make a map and have the kids interact to find hints to lead them to the treasure. For game days, have each young child generate a favorite game and spend time understanding how to play each game. Planning fun activities doesn’t need to be costly.