Weekly “Help Me FIRE!” Thread. Post Your Detailed Information For Highly Specific Advice

I’m single with no kids, acquired a serious SO never, mostly live a cheap homebody lifestyle right now. I eat a fair amount of takeout but don’t spend too much on expensive dinners or anything. I really like Thai and Indian food. Plus that is the only remotely healthy food I like. P I mainly drink at home unless I’m going to my parents and do not have a super social lifestyle. Born in the middle-90s (in my mid-20s), work in IT, live near a major east coast city.

Around 40 would be a good goal. 1.5 million dollars between my pension accounts, emergency fund, and taxable investment account will be a good goal. Have a bacheolors degree plus some industry accreditations. Hadn’t thought about heading further beyond maybe another cert or two. Currently employed full-time at a large company that i won’t get into too many specifics for personal privacy reasons, but I’m fairly happy working there and think I’d be fine sticking around until I retire. They’ll be moving me to another state in the foreseeable future which I’m fine with. 5 months so far. 1400/month to keep my current lifestyle. The rest switches into 401k and shared money pretty much. Don’t own a home.

8k at time of buy a couple years ago (paid cash so no interest). 1450/month for a small apartment is typical. 65k in savings and investments presently. 13k of that is in retirement accounts though but I am raising 401k contributions. No personal debt whatsoever. I have credit cards that I pretty much treat just like a debit credit card (paying it off completely on a weekly basis) just to increase my credit and get the 2% cashback. No major health issues at the moment.

I’ve seen a health care provider maybe once within the last half-decade to get tested for strep neck once i was extremely sore and that is it. I do have relatives with diabetes so maybe that’ll become a concern when I’m old? I’m not concerned about my parents financially. My father has plenty of money in investments and pension accounts.

  • Basic exemption
  • Accelerate income
  • How is a financial institution negatively impacted when an accounting mistake is discovered
  • Sell your own Stuff
  • New York, New York – $92,569 to $127,106
  • Activity A: a lack of $50,000

My 401k contribution is fairly aggressive break up 50% in the S&P 500, 15% in a small/mid-cap account, 30% in a world fund (which is about half international), and 5% in a higher yield bond fund. I get a 50% match up to 8% and I’m adding 20% currently. I typically split my taxable investments in a Fidelity accounts 60% FZROX (home total market)/30% FZILX (foreign)/10% FXNAX (bonds). My extended family mainly lives in the American southwest.

I have a lot of Mexican family members but am quite Americanized culturally and don’t know enough Spanish to truly have a fluid verbal discussion. Also, part of the reason I’ve put a lot money into taxable accounts is to possibly save for a condo and have a lot of emergency money. Anything you think I should be doing beyond taking better benefit of tax-advantaged retirement accounts maybe? And where do you consider I should reside in retirement (I would like some help choosing that)?