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This article has been written whole by me. If you want to use any part of it, please make sure to credit me, Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge. It can be examined by me out! Got the dry skin blues? My very own skin is incredibly dry and also sensitive to both many elements in makeup products and skin care products as well as undesirable climate. In other words…. My epidermis isn’t exactly my friend.

Not fun for a makeup artist! But I am going to say that it has helped me to supply the best to my clients. Before any product (skin care or makeup wise) goes into my kit, it gets tested by myself skin first. If my pores and skin doesn’t like it, it doesn’t get into my kit. So at least I know that my kit is delicate epidermis friendly quite! Over the full many years of dealing with my very own skin drama, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks!

Since many go through the dry pores and skin blues this time of year, I needed to talk about them with you! Understand that flaking or breaking skin is a sign of DAMAGED skin! Its not just that it’s dried out, it is damaged actually. You need to repair the skin barrier. So simply smoothing on lotion isn’t heading to do the trick, you are only adding some dampness to some dead skin markets that remain sitting down there. So below are a few tips to fix the damage without seeing an expert.

1. Drink plenty of water. This is by far my biggest downfall because I must say i really really don’t like drinking water. I know, it might be weird, but I don’t like it just! So I must force myself to drink it. Quite often in winter and cooler weeks, your body doesn’t perspire as much, therefore you may not “feel” the thirst as your body becomes dehydrated.

You also aren’t using a cool drink of drinking water to help cool the body down from summer months heat. However your epidermis, your poor poor pores and skin IS dehydrated as all that moisture and humidity of the summertime is not hydrating your skin and therefore you pores and skin really needs you to drink that drinking water!

So get to it. I go grab a glass better! OH, and the coffee and even tea that you like to drink in the wintertime for it’s warm comfy-ness… also not your skins friend. Caffeine is a diuretic. I wont get into all the mumbo jumbo of this, but overall it means your kidneys process more of it out that you keep.

  1. Throw away the mts roller
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  3. Kaolin – clay, it includes coverage and a creamy consistency
  4. Wear a BLACK top
  5. Shannon (AKA Dana Scully the Makeup Investigator version though.) Lol

It’s not at all a substitute for water (though the way i wish it was!) Ditto applies to smoking and alcoholic beverages which for me fortunately, aren’t my vices. 2. Considering switching out your facial cleanser to a non foaming one. Cleansers that suds up have loads of detergents in them to make them bubble and later. Detergents dry out your skin. So when you may feel just like those bubbles make you nice and clean, they also dry out your pores and skin. This consists of shampoos and body washes, though non suds variations of those are harder to come across slightly.

My favorite for face clean is Aveeno Calming Cream facial cleanser. If you’re breakout prone, try the Aveeno Clear Complexion cream cleanser. For body shampoos and washes, browse the label and see if you can find sulfate free products. Perhaps this should have been shown as number 2 2, but I really feel like the change to a cream facial cleanser which i made years ago on the advise of my skin doctor made a ginormous difference.