Why Businesses Today Fail

The only way a business inside our current hundred years will ever last is if they put the customer as their number 1 goal. Every year there are so many new business popping up & most people question why over 95% of these won’t make it past their first season.

Originally I used to be just going to write a one-page summary of just what a business needs to be able to endure, but there is absolutely no way I can sum all of this up in a mere one page. The ultimate online experience would be if you order a product and as soon as you have made payment you will get either one comprehensive email or perhaps two.

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  • A stopover is thought as a stop over 24-hours
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  • Remember your goals
  • Can laws and regulations make businesses react more ethically

The first part will be a transaction receit. The second part would be simply a simple thank you. In the famous book by Dale Carnegie he states that by just using the easy phrase “MANY THANKS” you can go a lot further in life. If we look at books by people like Napoleon Hill, it tells us to always thank the man upstairs for all of life presents. Now if you bought hardgoods then it would be ideal if the item was shipped utilizing a service that delivers tracking and the business should email you that tracking number.

If you enrolled in an online regular membership, the ideal situation would be if the business had a schedule that would automatically create an account for you and email this information to you. Otherwise, you can will have somebody who works this job function and sends of the information to you.

The person should do this probably at least twice per day. If the business has a website a discussion board where customers can communicate will be a great addition. Now I am not being a sour puss regarding this subject because I’ve seen some companies that could get an A from me.

Tigerdirect has almost perfect customer service plus they have an automated system set up that sends the client a receipt, a thank you letter, and updates for the client. I hear Fed-Ex has some great customer service and I am going to give credit to places like Starbuck’s. In the online world there is a lot of room for improvement still.

I am not saying that the customer support is good in the internet but I’ve seen several marketers who are exceptional in the way they treat their customers. People like Willie Crawford, Ed Thorpe, James Maduk, and so forth but this business are not the 20 season old marketers you frequently hear about. The young marketers have a lot to learn regarding the part of taking care of customers.

Mark Joyner came up with the theme a long time ago informing people they could generate income in their underwear and simply check their emails once a day using the pc to see how many new purchases they have. Corey Rudl, may he rest in serenity, is one of the only young marketers that experienced a great customer service. In the low cost computer industry, I used to be known as someone who got a whole great deal of information about who his customers were. I used to save this information in a CRM application called Goldmine.