The Bloomin’ Couch

Lane and I were both very excited about this one, because we like getting up to creative stuff alongside one another. Although I much choose to be behind the camera to being the main topic of focus. It just happened like this. I told her one day that I want new account pictures for my web spaces and I asked her to take a picture or two for that.

Liani sensed that ‘a picture or two’ was a waste material of commitment, and we needed to do a total shoot. She saw this very floor, glowing, and natural kind of photograph and I arranged. I mean, she’s my best after all. We visited undisclosed locations to blast. Not because I don’t want to tell you where in fact the locations are, just because I really can’t remember the way to get there. I’m clueless with route. But I do know it is at the Cradle of Humankind somewhere.

Now, if you’ve been around this blog for some time, you know that I’m incomplete to wearing dark colors constantly. I LOVE gray and black and the majority of my wardrobe falls into that color scheme. I do own some reds and purples too, but mostly, the coloring I own are subdued and dark.

Don’t ask me why. So you can imagine that when Liani said I had fashioned to wear a light, very soft colored dress, the locks on the comparative rear of my throat stood at a time. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find a dress to wear. In a final attempt to find something because of this shoot, The Day time of the take and was lucky enough to get the perfect dress I went shopping.

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And the others is story. Anschke do my awesome makeup, Liani needed some amazing photographs and I seriously can’t choose some favorites. You can find way too many photos in which I don’t even recognize myself. I noticed beautiful and hot, which isn’t something I feel on a daily basis, running after the one-year-old.

Thank you Liani, they are INCREDIBLE. And today, here are the pics. Or a few of them at least. Now, if you are longing in suspense for the ultimate level of the Evangellion Trilogy, I’ve a sneak look of the cover for you on my other blog. Go have a look.

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