STEPS TO MAKE Getting Back-to-school Stress-free

Whether you want to confess it or not, you have to say you’ve somewhat loved the summer vacations. Yes, everything’s a little more chaotic and the house is a lot less tidy but you’ll miss those late begins lazing around with your little ones in their pyjamas. Year is about to start and that means panic stations But a new school!

Not necessarily. All you should do is get back into a schedule (remember that?), keep relaxed and carry on. Well, at least for six weeks until the first half-term. You’re getting the kids back to school, not running for Prime Minister, so don’t stress yourself out needlessly. The youngsters won’t eat all their breakfast?

Not the end of the world. You’re stuck behind an obnoxious drivers on the way to college? Put your preferred radio place on. So, as it pertains to college shoes, check out what your location is known by you can trust. For over 170 years, Clarks have been masters at creating robust shoes you know will last the distance.

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Each design is rigorously examined, from starting the velcro 400 times to examining a shoe’s recovery by compressing bottoms for a whole 24 hours, indicating you have one thing less to be concerned about. And professionals who put these shoes through their paces? Selected institutions wear the new designs for several months to ensure they are strong enough to last.

Gather the troops early this weekend and head out to your nearest Clarks store. The renowned foot-measuring technique will ensure your brood will be properly comfortable and prepared to focus on growing their horizons, rather than what’s on their foot. And if you want to make it more stress-free even, check out the Clarks website now and choose the designs you prefer best – or really get prior to the game by booking an appointment at the nearest store.

One of the most stressful elements of getting the kids back-to-school is the pure amount of THINGS they want. School outfits, stationery, pencil cases, book covers, labels stitched on to everything that techniques, PE packages for apparently every sport in the Olympics – you need a chief of personnel just to organise a school kid’s daily timetable.