Accredited Investor Talk

What is an accredited buyer? The Securities Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) set up the action of 1933 needing certain investments only be sold to certified traders. 200,000 for the past 2 yrs with an expectation of earning the same during the current year. Click on this article’s title for more details on the various criteria for determining an accredited trader.

Now, let’s realize why the S.E.C. Through the years prior to the great unhappiness, there were many scams and promises of getting rich quickly in a big way by investing in different ventures. Many ordinary people bought these investments without really understanding what was involved and finished up losing everything during the depression.

In order to mitigate such a huge number of individuals putting all their key savings into these types of investments, the S.E.C. Securities takes action of 1933 requiring certain investments only be accessible to investors who could afford to lose risk capital. The idea was these people would not likely put all their funds into an individual investment but could have risk capital to invest. These higher wealth traders are also likely to have more understanding of how to evaluate what they are buying to display screen out the scams from genuine investments. For this good reason, most private placements are just available to certified investors. What is a private positioning or private placement memorandum (PPM)?

An example of a private positioning would be a small corporation requiring money to expand and grow. They could conduct a private positioning offering of stock in the company at an agreed price per talk about to accredited investors. The details of the positioning are given in an exclusive positioning memorandum (PPM). These accredited investors have the ability to buy stock usually at a low price while the company gets the infusion of capital to use for extension, in this case without taking on the responsibility of debt. Copyright 2008 Ole Cram. TOC.html. This post is provided for educational purposes only and is not designed to be a replacement for taxes, legal, financial, or other authorized expert advice for your unique situation. Always seek the advice of a professional prior to making any related decision.

The major currencies are in bad shape. That’s why platinum reaches all time highs. But as these fiat currencies may have a bad fate just, so can gold. Gold has no intrinsic value, it’s value is so arbitrary, I could see a scenario where the US federal government gets its act together and keeps down your debt. For the reason that scenario I see that gold can stop by half its value. What type or kind of risk is speculation? Isn’t housing better bet?

  • Supervisory overview of capital adequacy and
  • Sell long length securities and buy short duration securities
  • Must meet English language proficiency requirements
  • Bond account managers have a wider selection and access to more bonds
  • Worked with large Go/Ruby/Rails codebases

After rallying with the market, financial underperformance has reemerged. March 25 – Bloomberg (Rich Miller and Alexandre Tanzi): “On the face of it, the latest government update about how the U.S. Beyond the headline number Yet there’s a reason behind some concern. Corporate profits plunged 11.5% in the fourth quarter from the year-ago period, the biggest drop since a 31% collapse by the end of 2008 during the elevation of the financial crisis.

I view unfolding profit deterioration because of the secular downturn in U.S. Credit. The real earnings pain will unfold as securities marketplaces succumb to the deteriorating domestic and global backdrop – the self-reinforcing downside of so-called “wealth effects” and financial engineering. Acutely unstable currencies marketplaces are central to the Burst Global Bubble Thesis also.