Future Of CIO

“Outlier” CIOs have the better capability to connect advancement dots. Modern It really is so pervasive, therefore, CIO becomes such sophisticated role, forward-looking organizations have many anticipations off their CIOs, clearly, CIOs need to wear multiple hats and practice multiple disciplines in owning a high-performing IT business. A CIO is a complex role highly, this is because a really good CIO can look at a business from both a business strategy and technology support side. This person must look at where in fact the business is today and where it will be in five to a decade and ensure that technology can support that vision in the years ahead.

The CIO must know how to play a bridge between what businesses understand and what technology understands. He/she would then make sure both worlds meet to ensure an optimal performing business. This might then drive products and services for customers at the perfect cost and ensure up to possible shareholder return on investment. The CIO brings that binding combination to the boardroom table: She or he must look into opportunities for business and then see what I could do to grow the business. CIOs must continuously educate C-Level Executives that the IT business is a value-creation engine.

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When BoD/professional team recognize growth opportunities, the CIO can translate this into an IT solution that will support the business’s vision, in the example to develop market share. That is just one way a good CIO needs to think on his/her feet during strategic planning and execution. Make sure that IT remains true enabler for the overall business strategy. The CIO needs to ensure that purchases in IT systems support the organization’s tactical & tactical business objectives.

Effective CIOs need to understand business procedures/processes, priorities, and strategies to be able to ensure that ever-tighter IT costs are spent for maximum business advantage. It’s the only function within an organization, which includes the touch point with all other functions and provides the necessary integration between them through efficient business processes and information systems.

Process Knowledge – It really is supporting virtually all procedures and, therefore, the CIO is able to define how the process is working. But understanding processes from inside-out view is not sufficient just; moreover, leaders need to put customers’ shoes on, understand business processes via end customers’ viewpoint, bring fresh perspectives on how to boost it.

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