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A release event for the telephone was conducted, which indicated that it’s not a scam, while some authorities officials including Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar (Guest of Honor) did not arrive at the event. Even the launch event didn’t look like a start event, and this is because the company is still not experienced maybe, Freedom 251 being their second smartphone. But at least the launch event shouldn’t have eliminated wrong, which increases a great deal of questions in our thoughts. Speaking Clearly, we believe that Ringing Bells’ Freedom 251 is a scam and people shouldn’t fall for it. Listed below are 4 strong reasons why you ought not to buy Freedom 251 smartphone. Freedom 251 Buy or Never to Buy?

Disclaimer: Before we go on and start without our list, we would like to tell you these are our liberal thoughts that people believe in presently. We aren’t confirming or guaranteeing at all that is a fraud unless it is totally proved with more proofs. Our only purpose is to make our visitors aware of all the options that we can find out from the info currently available accessible. We have known PhoneRadar for information. Freedom 251 hasn’t received any subsidy from the federal government, and this has been verified by the elected leader of Buzzing Bells himself.

The company says that the majority of the costs are the passing on of the 13.8% responsibility protection for selling a Make in India product. 2. “Lake in India” But Made in China! As the company promises on its website that their Freedom 251 smartphone is an integral part of the Make in India marketing campaign, we otherwise believe. Of all First, nobody has heard about Ringing Bells, and secondly, the Freedom 251 resembles the Adcom Ikon 4 smartphone that is imported from China to be bought from India by Adcom, an India smartphone vendor.

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One look at the Ikon 4 and you would say that Freedom 251 is the same phone, which issues with the known fact that it is a Made in India product. Also, nobody knows where in fact the Ringing Bells manufacturing plant is, or whether they even have one.

The Bureau of Indian Standards had presented a guideline in 2015 that makes it compulsory for smartphone manufacturers to get BIS certification for his or her products before they can begin offering them in India. As well as for your information, the Freedom 251 smartphone will not bring a BIS qualification, which places it within an illegal zone regarding us. Ringing Bells itself promises that the Freedom 251 will start shipping in June and they’ll get the BIS qualification at that time as the procedure is extended. However, it is still not legal to start selling the phone before getting it certified.

All the above-mentioned information points towards a probability that Freedom 251 is actually a scam and you should avoid buying this handset as of now. We hope the federal government gets deep into the matter and investigates the intricacies of Ringing Bells’ business so that people clear idea of what’s true and what’s not.