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Tech Movers and Shakers LBS MBA 2016 - Tara Reddy

Tech Movers and Shakers: Tara Reddy

The London Entrepreneurship Review in conversation with the personalities of the LBS MBA Class of 2016 technology and entrepreneurship community. A special tribute to the Class of 2017, the incoming Class of 2018 and all future LBS students.


Basic profile - Name, Nationality and Past Professional Background


Tara Louise Reddy, British

Past professional life: Veterinarian



What is your ‘LBS tech story’? Where do your interests lie? 

As a vet, I was always entrepreneurial and curious. Professional run industries can be change-resistant and slow to advance and I always wondered if I was too much of a dreamer. But when I dipped my toe into the world of tech start ups I knew I was home!

My plan to get into tech was to get exposure in every way possible. On my first day at LBS I met a cool startup and started working for them on the side. I had no specific role, I just did anything that needed to be done. This gave me an understanding of the real workings of a startup and also contacts, experience and something to put on my CV to demonstrate my commitment to tech.

I added to my practical skills by doing courses in coding and digital marketing and I joined the entrepreneurship club conference committee. And most importantly I expanded my network in the London tech scene.


What did you do for your summer-internship and what are you doing full-time after graduation? How did you secure these jobs?

I worked at a traveltech startup called What Now Travel. I went in as a marketing intern and came out a product manager! I stayed on until Christmas and learnt a phenomenal amount by getting my hands dirty.
Post-MBA I have accepted a role at Blippar as a senior business development manager. I fell in love with the company after I met the CEO at an event last year, so when I started recruiting I dropped him a tweet to let him know that I was on the lookout. He replied, invited me for interview and 4 rounds later I was in!
Blippar is at a really exciting time in its growth trajectory, so I’m looking forward to being a part of their journey as a relatively early recruit. It will be pretty different from my previous career but I love a new challenge: I will miss vaccinating puppies and doing life-saving surgeries but I won’t miss the 2am emergency calls!

What was the highlight of your MBA? 

Getting through corporate finance! It was just so different to anything I had ever done before. And then putting away that book forever!


What is the one thing you wish you knew before coming to LBS?

People are just people no matter how accomplished they are

How has your London Business School experience shaped or influenced your interest in the tech-sector? 

My time at LBS definitely gave me the confidence to pursue such a dramatic career change. When everyone around you is doing great things it reminds you that you can too! Also being in the London tech ecosystem definitely helped.


What advice would you give to the incoming class of London Business School?

Do it your way. When it comes to recruiting focus on companies and sectors that you love rather than casting a wide net, otherwise you become exhausted and present a sub-par version of yourself. It’s obvious when you are not enthusiastic about the company/product. And try not to succumb to peer pressure, tech recruiting starts late and happens fast so block those smug consultants and bankers out of your mind!


Are you staying in London after graduation? How can people get in touch with you? 

Yes tweet me @taralouisereddy!



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