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Tech Movers and Shakers LBS MBA 2016 - Dan Drach

Tech Movers and Shakers: Dan Drach

The London Entrepreneurship Review in conversation with the personalities of the LBS MBA Class of 2016 technology and entrepreneurship community. A special tribute to the Class of 2017, the incoming Class of 2018 and all future LBS students.


Basic profile - Name, Nationality and Past Professional Background


Dan Drach. Israeli

Past professional life: A buy-side macro economist in Israel



What is your ‘LBS tech story’? Where do your interests lie? 

Years of reflection on the concept of “creating value” brought me to think that only technology driven firms are able to fundamentally change the economics of industries, popularly described as “disruption”, which for me means that only through working in “Tech” I can be part of creating great value for society while feeling good about being generously compensated personally.  

Coming from a finance background and a generalist mindset I found my interest and passion in Venture Capital which for me is about making sense in a universe of ideas, technology and business models in order to share the massive risk associated with entrepreneurship and help start-ups cross the difficult times of burning cash. 


What did you do for your summer-internship and what are you doing full-time after graduation? How did you secure these jobs?

With all honesty I was too scared to make VC my “plan A” during recruiting season which may explain the wide variety of industries I applied to. I secured a summer internship with Amazon. I also interned with a media start-up, and with a seed stage blockchain startup as part of the Microsoft Ventures accelerator. During my second year I worked for a Venture Fund and I’ll be joining L.E.K consulting upon graduation. 

I found these jobs through various LBS related channels – The Amazon internship recruiting is highly structured and is part of the career services process; the startup opportunity came about through an email from David Morris who is the Tech and VC guru of LBS; MSFT Ventures have been collaborating with David and the VC club for two years now and will probably come back next year; the VC job was posted on the career services portal and finally consulting is also one of the most structured processes on campus.


What do you consider to be your most significant contribution to London Business School tech-community? 

I can’t really answer that!

I am proud though of the Tech & VC Club trek to Tel Aviv I helped organize and of all the activities, events and opportunities our team in the VC club created and brought to life. 

And I’m grateful for everything I learnt and experienced through the works of others including Prof. Gary, the 2015'ers who led the clubs last year and my amazing classmates. Especially Graeme, Sheng, Ramona, Courtney, Yves, Ramit, Noam & Batchi.


What was the highlight of your MBA? 

The GBE in Johannesburg. My “tech” highlights were the Silicon Valley trek, the Tel Aviv trek and the Berlin Trek.


What is the one thing you wish you knew before coming to LBS?

Coming to LBS I thought that B-School would be like a jobs factory and all we need to do is fall in line. Recruiting is an individual effort and with the right focus, hard work and perseverance many things that might seem impossible are within your reach. 


How has your London Business School experience shaped or influenced your interest in the tech-sector? 

My LBS experience introduced me to tech cities I had only heard of and it helped me build a network and understand the nuances of the tech industry. Most of all the experience helped me reaffirm my interest in the industry and specifically in a VC career.


What advice would you give to the incoming class of London Business School?

Take ownership of your journey, reach out to people relentlessly (but in an intelligent and thoughtful manner) and make things happen – don’t wait for other people to feed you opportunities for learning or experimenting just make it happen yourself. Lastly, help others. Share job opportunities, teach others things you’ve learned and have fun.


Are you staying in London after graduation? How can people get in touch with you? 

Yes, I’ll be around! Connect with me on LinkedIn via Dan Drach and my email is ddrach.mba2016@london.edu



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